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Computer Science


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Java application similar to Google Maps using own implementations of K-d trees, heaps, and graphs for routing and finding the shortest path between locations, and tries for searching locations and autocomplete

Note: Change https to http after clicking the web link, otherwise will see "Got server-side Error!" prompt

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Magic Mirror

A Raspberry Pi-powered monitor enclosed in plexi glass, one-way film, and custom, self-cut wooden frames to resemble a "smart mirror". Customized to display modules such as the current time, weather, news, and live scores from professional sports, complete with Amazon Alexa integration for voice activation

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Project Preview
Project Preview

Personal Spending Tracker

A spending tracker that tracks personalized categories, mode of payment, recurring payments, and payments over any period of time to help budget and understand expenses!

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Build Your Own World

2D-game world generator written in Java using graphs to layout the map and priority queues to minimize collisions between rooms. The application randomly generates worlds based on input seed and also allows for user keyboard inputs to move around, change avatar appearance, save the game and "replay" their most recent save, complete with cool dungeon hunting music.


Project Preview